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Mr. Philip Zepter, the founder of the company Zepter International is a gifted mastermind.
His philosophy of healthy living, perfection aimed at maintaining the health and safeguarding the personal prosperity of present and future generations are foundation of the Zepter group, the key to continual added value for the company and the reason of the Zepter Finance success. 

Mr. Philip Zepter, a visionary who has been successfully and firmly leading his company for over two decades, does not accept obstacles, only new, higher and more demanding goals. This is the key to the continuous prosperity and success of Zepter International.


Zepter Finance’s success is not only attributed to its innovative product solutions, but also to highly motivated and well structured consultants who are convinced of the independent financial consulting and pass this enthusiasm on to the clients.
Zepter is proud of its network of superbly trained and experienced employees, managers and consultants, that are well-acquainted to the financial sector and therefore are able to counsel the clients individually, depending on their specific desires and needs.
Zepter is permanently seeking new markets and enhancing its products. Therefore Zepter is using the know-how of hundreds of experts from different fields with the goal to continue the optimal consultations for the clients.

Zepter directs more than 320.000 m2 of business space. Over 80,000.000 people have become satisfied Zepter Clients which proves that whenever you see the name "Zepter" you can be sure that it stands for: