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Quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction

Zepter International stands for quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.
Extraordinary quality standards and a lifetime warranty are integral components of all Zepter products: buying a Zepter product means investing in lifetime lasting quality.
The Zepter business philosophy is ever recognisable in the business affairs of Zepter Finance. Personal and property insurance, pension plan and health care are always delicate subjects for the clients. In the past years the financial market has been marked with tangled rage of dissatisfying offers, making it difficult for the costumers to find the most suitable for their needs. Making the right choice indicates a huge amount of specialised knowledge and future-oriented market-overview. Zepter Finance provides all this by combining responsibility, expertise and professionalism.

Zepter Finance's core competency lies in independent, specific and holistic financial counselling. We provide the best possible advice and know-how to our clients as well as to our consultants. Long-term collaborations with Europe’s biggest insurance companies and banks enable us to provide an interesting product portfolio in numerous countries such as Rumania, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. In all these countries Zepter Finance is in cooperation with renowned expert professionals to master the complex challenges on each market.

The primary principle of our company's philosophy is: independent, specific and holistic financial consulting tailored to the client’s specific needs.