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The main objective for all Zepter Finance counselling is to find the best exisisting, overall solution available on the market for each client.

Precise Needs Analysis

The start of every counselling is a status quo analysis of the income situation, the expenses, revenue opportunities, the possession and savings determining the financial position of the client. Furthermore, all monetary liabilities such as rent, tax load, insufficient pension provision etc. should be detected and synchronised with the client’s wishes and needs. Set targets are increasing the revenues and to wisely reduce the spending plan.

Accurate data preparation

The best available solutions for specific client's needs can only be allocated by an accurate acquisition of data. Based on these informations the Zepter Finance Consultant delivers different options for the client with a detailed explanation of the respective advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Reliability and discretion

The overriding principle in data collection, consulting and financial planning is reliability and discretion combined with profound knowledge and outstanding contacts to renowned suppliers on the market. This is the only possible way of truly objective, independent and factual consulting.

Service guarantee

Zepter Finance offers the best solutions as well as the best service. Every Zepter Finance client reaches immediate VIP-Status when claiming benefits. This is ensured by a permanently supported hotline. The clients have access continuously until the service is rendered and the case is closed.