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Private Pension

The most important topic in the society today is pensions and that is exactly where our main focus is set. Private pensions has become essential to everybody who wants to keep his living standards in the time when he has more leisure time.

Property Insurance

The household insurance gives your valuables, furnishings and commodities insurance protection against fire, water damage, storm, hail , burglary, robbery and vandalism. Besides the property damages it can also cover associated costs such as clean-up costs. If required, more inclusions are also possible in the contract.

Your home insurance is to protect the building, outbuildings and parking spaces. Moreover, the followings are included: fire, water damages, storm and hail. We can also give an insurance coverage against natural forces.

Financial Provision for Children

Today children are living without thinking about tomorrow. In your capacity as a parent it is up to you to make the right decision regarding the future financial situation of your child. Make it possible for your children to grow up without concerns and worries.

Referring to this issue we cover the following aspects:
  • Education
  • Sport & leisure
  • capital build-up for studying, first own apartment, car, etc.
Zepter Finance can also create customized solutions tailored to the child's and youth’s needs.

Car and Accident Insurance

The motor liability insurance is to protect all parties involved but primarily to the benefit of the injured party. Furthermore it should also give protection to the injuring party.

The private accident insurance covers consequences of accidents such as hospital stay, disability or death in the form of capital benefits and/or pension. The scope of the insurance cover can be chosen individually.

Financing / Investments

Zepter Finance helps you selecting personal compatible types of financing such as housing and personal loans or leasing. Furthermore we help you creating a financial concept tailored exactly to your needs.

Due to a multiplicity of investment companies it is difficult creating an overview of the most suitable funds. Your Personal Zepter Finance Consultant will be pleased to advise you in finding the best solution tailored to your situation and expectations.

Alternative Investment / Gold

In spite of all economic and financial crises Gold is a highly appreciated alternative form of investment and provides protection against depreciation of currency and it is in greater demand than ever.
The limited availability and the well-known reliability make gold one of the most valuable metals of all. A steadily increasing price has been observed over the last decades and this trend is expected to continue. 

Unlike paper money gold can not be duplicated discretionary and so it is a perfect alternative to common investment strategies in times of inflation.