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ZEPTER FINANCE, new generation in finance business

What it means to be a PFC...

Zepter Finance stands for the best service, high security and product quality.
Being a Personal Finance Consultant (PFC) also means being always one step ahead of the competition.

The famous name Zepter is well known world-wide.

Zepter is optimally positioned in many different markets and is always associated with high quality, stability, reliability and exclusivity. Working for Zepter means using the positive image for successful new business activities and strengthening the trust of the existing customers.

The Existing Client Stock offers a broad base

In all the countries where Zepter Finance is represented, there is a numerousness of registered clients that get adviced and supported regionally.

Existing infrastructure – The best support

The successfully working Zepter employees make it possible to ramp up new branches constantly, by now there is a Zepter office in every bigger City. This widespread availability of Zepter offices provides an amazing infrastructure: offices, conference-, training-, and meeting-rooms are available worldwide.

Exclusive product portfolio - the best sales argument

The long standing partnership with all of the leading insurance companies and banks of the world enable the access to the most proven product range in the market. At the same time the client receives the best possible customised solution based on a comprehensive analysis. The cooperation with renowned financial institutions is a main key to exclusive solutions and tailored products for each client.

Unique career opportunity

Every Zepter Finance Employee or personal finance consultant (PFC) has the chance to find and integrate himself in the unique career system. Credit & Finance-, Sales Force- and Customer-Care ­Department offer quick promotion prospects with interesting performance-related compensation systems to secure a remarkable income the long term.

Zepter Finance Academy – Training and Advanced tailored Education

Our Personal Finance Consultants undergo continual training by external experienced coaches to assure that our clients get the best, most up-to-date consulation. Every FPC gets specialised training in the represented category resulting in a certificate recognized by the State which entitles him to exercise the profession. Therefore the training is based on all the knowledge that the license requires but also mediates further skills such as body language, motivation techniques, telephone training, rhetoric, ...

The Foundation of Success

In the future, companies will differentiate themselves through quality of training and education which are offered to the employees.

Zepter Finance invests in its most valuable asset: his employees.

Impressive career, flat hierarchies

With the appropriate dedication, the Personal Finance Consultant (PFC) only needs 2 to 3 years to reach the position of Manager or Senior Directors. Zepter assures amazing performance-related salaries with no limit upwards.

The comprehensive education and continuous training

Today continuous education is the most important indicator for remaining competitive and innovative and it also enhances personal chances for the PFC. The PFC gets comprehensive education from the very first day of his career covering all the knowledge about the market, the product portfolio and all the other products in detail. After that, he gets the chance to accompany his Instructor on personal appointments with clients, gaining valuable practical experiences. Specialist seminars enhance the knowledge on insurances, investment opportunities, consulting know-how, personal skills and management qualifications.

Zepter Finance Academy: occupational image and certificate

There is an individual Zepter Finance Academy for each product and career field in which the attendants gain all the knowledge regarding strategic contents, sales environment and legal frameworks. This is obligatory for the acquisition of the certificate, which entitles him to exercise the profession in the country of employment.

Career made-to-measure

Every Position of the Zepter Finance Career is connected to a specific training unit that needs to be accomplished in the Zepter Finance Academy. Every profession profile offers a career made-to-measure.

All the employees get the chance to develop professionally in one or more of the three career models: Customer-Care, Credit & Finance and Sales-Force.
In the third stage of the education, the advisor has to decide which particular career he wants to take. The combination of the career opportunities is also conceivable.

Job - Description


Credit & Finance Department
The employee passes through specific training levels according to the positions of Expert, Manager, Director and Senior Director.
Occupational image

Specialist for Bank- and Credit Operations

Sales Force Department
Developing from Team Manager to Division Manager, Director and finally to Senior Director.
Occupational image

Specialist for Expansion and Production

Customer Care Department
Completing the training steps of Expert to Manager, Director and finally Senior Director.
Occupational image
Specialist for Sustained Support in the Financial Services.